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Regional Cancer Center Raipur is a new and developing RCC of India. It is 17th RCC of the country in out of 25 existing RCC. It is the only Government Cancer Hospital & only the referral center for cancer in state of Chhattisgarh. It is draining about 2 Crore population. It also drains patients from adjoining state like, Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand & Madhya Pradesh. Most of the patients are from rural & tribal areas.


We have One Linear Accelarator Machine, one CT Simulator Machine, one Theratron 780 E Cobalt machine, One Micro selectron Brachytherapy machine. We are all doing external radiotherapy, Intracavitory , interstitial & intra luminal Implants & Chemotherapy routinely. We have one 3 D treatment planning System with External beam soft ware with Brachytherapy soft ware for precise radiotherapy. Mammography machine is installed for screening of early breast cancer. We have separate X-ray machine & Sonography machine for cancer patients. Colposcopy machine is available for screening of early cervix cancer. We are also providing tablet morphine for palliative care.


Achievements, Publication & Research -

Research & Publication -
(1) Priyanka Chandel, Saba Taj, Arti Parganiha, Chouhary V. effect of Radiotherapy on Circadnian rest- activity rhythm and tumor size in patient with cervical cancer: a preliminary study. Chronobiology v 4 nos2 March 2012.
(2) Priyanka Chandel, Saba Taj, Arti Parganiha, Choudhary V. Do rest-activity measures and performance status objectively indicate quality of life (QOL) of Cancer Patients. March 2012.
(3) Rakesh M Chandola, Samit Tiwari, Manjula Beck, Pradeep Kumar Chandrakar, Suresh
Kumar Thakur “Experimental and Monte Carlo study of the effect of the presence of dry
air, cortical bone inhomogeneities and source position on dose distribution of the mHDR-v2
source”. Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics, volume 8, Issue 4, page 555- 560.
Year 2012.
(4) Saba Taj, Arti Parganiha, Choudhary V., “Temporal profiles of physical activity and energy expenditure in cancer in-patients” has been reviewed. (Under Publication).

Our annual registry of cancer patients is around 2500 / year. We have treated around 16000 patients in the year 2005. We have given around 17700 radiotherapy fractions & 800 brachytherapy fractions. Around 6000 patients were treated with chemotherapy. We have admitted around 12500 patients in cancer ward. Around 12000 patients were treated free of cost. We have given around 30000 Tablets of Morphine to 650 Patients.

I.  Ext. Radiotherapy + inj. Vinraolabine V/s Ext. Radiotherapy alone in advanced head & neck
II. Comparative study of Erythropiotin + Ext. Radiotherapy V/s Ext. Radiotherapy alone.
    circadian rhythm in head and neck cancer patients.


Following courses are teaching in the department
1.MD. Radiotherapy since-1995
2. Post P.G. Radiotherapy Diploma Technician (Applied to university.)
3. Radiotherapy Technician Certificate Course (Applied to Director PMC).

More about Department
1. Only hospital providing all sorts of radiotherapy, Chemotherapy & Surgery Free of cost to
    BPL Patients in country.
2. It is the only hospital having brachytherapy facility in chhattisgarh.
3. It is the Only hospital having mammography with stereo tactic attachment in chhattisgarh It
    is the only hospital having tablet morphine Facility in chhattisgarh


Symposium & Seminar-

CME Programme by the Deapartment of Radiotherapy & Indian Society of Oncology on solid tumours from 17th & 18th Nov. 2012 at Tele Medicine Hall, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Memorial Hospital, Raipur (C.G.)


Head of Department


Dr. Vivek Choudhary


Professor cum Director & HOD


MD (Radiothrapy), MBA (Hospital Administration)

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