DEPARTMENT of Radiodiagnosis

Deptt of Radiodiagnosis has come in existence on 1986 headed by Dr. S.V. Thakar after bifurcation of the department of Radiology at that time department has only X-Ray & one USG Machine with limited work of X-Ray and USG modalities. Now the department has expanded in shape with multiple newer modalities. Now the department has 3 color Doppler machine,1CT Scan machine,1 MRI Machine,2 III TV machine inspite of conventional X-Ray.
Number of patient examined is dramatically increased in the department. Teaching staff also increased in number of PG Teachers.


- All Type X Rays.
- Special investigation.
- All Type of Ultrasound examination colordoppler studies USG Interventions noth diagnostic
  and therapeutic.
- CT Scan studies of All parts of body.
- MRI Scan of all parts of body.


Achievements & Research
Our annual registry of cancer patients is around 2500 / year. We have treated around 16000 patients in the year 2005. We have given around 17700 radiotherapy fractions & 800 brachytherapy fractions. Around 6000 patients were treated with chemotherapy. We have admitted around 12500 patients in cancer ward. Around 12000 patients were treated free of cost. We have given around 30000 Tablets of Morphine to 650 Patients.

I.  Ext. Radiotherapy + inj. Vinraolabine V/s Ext. Radiotherapy alone in advanced head & neck
II. Comparative study of Erythropiotin + Ext. Radiotherapy V/s Ext. Radiotherapy alone.
    circadian rhythm in head and neck cancer patients.



Following courses are teaching in the department
1. MD Radiodignosis
2. DMRD diploma
3. Paramedical X-Ray Technician.

Daily case presentation.
Seminar twice weekly.


Head of Department


Dr. S.B.S. Netam


Professor & HOD


MD (Radiodiagnosis)

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Details of Teaching Staff


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